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About Us

FaceExchange was established in 2013 for the purpose of international exchange in the center of Language Exchange. It is a place to learn happily together with individuals who are connected with online social networking services such as Facebook and Google+ through English-Japanese. We strive for personal experiences that you will not learn in a reference book.

The main objective is to hold periodic video meetings through Google+ Hangouts in English and Japanese. Proficiency is irrelevant as long as you have the determination to study; especially those who are eager to hone their language skills!



Our community is founded upon the spirit of mutual respect. It is the most important component and fundamental principle to comfortably utilize our community. That, including the members who take part.


Open your mind. In other words, don't hesitate to ask anything at any point. All members in our community are students as well as their own teachers. Everyone should have a strong passion to teach what you're most eager to know. All of them are your best teachers and your friend with sincere hospitality.


We respect everyone's curiosity to learn about language and culture. As stated before, we don't care about what level you're at. To us, learning a language is a long journey that requires time to master. It is more important that our members benefit greatly from our community with the will to be inspired and learn at a steady pace.

FaceExchange has allowed others to engage with one another, as well as learn new material they may have never known before!

- Clara, the U.S. -


- Ham, Japan -

FaceExchange Team

Get to know the talented people behind it all, and read our latest thinking about the next generation learning languages methodology and language exchange community development!

Ham (はむ)


Clara (くらら)


Some Fun Facts


Sessions Completed



Here are the past archives. People featured in these videos might be your teachers and students.


Projects running in our community are made up of the following two cores.


FaceExchange is a unique feature of learning a language through collaborative video meetings through Google+ Hangouts for the purpose of language exchange. The ability to learn Japanese and English, as well as cultural norms is essential. English speakers learning Japanese, and Japanese speakers learning English, are welcome to join this session to give each other a hand.


IDOBATAKAIGI is an optional video meeting using Google+ Hangouts to learn Japanese or English. The purpose of these sessions is to let you be able to introduce yourself in Japanese, and of course learn common phrases and about cultural norms from a teacher. You can be the teacher!

Members Feedback

We're greatly honored with all the members' contributions that motivate us to help and learn.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a qualified teacher. Can I still join?

Yes, you don't need to have a license. Anyone who is a native English or Japanese speaker can join our community. Almost all participants are not a language teacher.

I only know Hiragana and Katakana. I'm anxious to know whether or not I can keep up with the meeting.

FaceExchange would respect your attendance regardless. Feel relaxed and join the meeting with any prior knowledge you might have. You may have the opportunity to teach English, including a little bit about your culture and surroundings. It would be a very comprehensive education for English learners. You have just started learning, but people could also be in the same situation as you.

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Any Questions?

Questions about FaceExchange should be addressed to @hamjuku with #FaceExchange hashtag.