FaceExchange Session #20


FaceExchange Session #20


2015/10/03 22:00:00 (Tokyo)
2015/10/03 13:00:00 (UTC)
2015/10/04 00:00:00 (Tokyo)
2015/10/03 15:00:00 (UTC)
Maximum Attendees:
Atsushi Ham Ishida Atsushi Ham Ishida
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FaceExchange is a video session using Google+ Hangouts for language exchange for Japanese and English. English speakers learning Japanese, and Japanese speakers learning English, are welcome to join this event and help each other!

The last session is here: 

What You Need to Join:

  • Prepare computer or smart phone w/ camera and microphone
  • Get your Google+ account
  • Add Ham (https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AtsushiIshida) to your Google plus circle before the meeting starts so that he can send you an invitation for this event.
  • Will and determination to learn!


  • Short introduction of all members
  • Let’s share our action plans!
  • Share our objectives or goals to learn Japanese/English.
  • Share some issues with which we have struggled in learning Japanese/English and share tips to resolve them.
  • Any topics that members will post to discuss on this event page in advance

Safety Guidelines:

  • When partaking in a session, be aware that whatever you say can be and will be documented. Be courteous of other members and keep questions clean. This is FaceExchange, so of course we welcome any input on how we can improve! However, try to keep the discussion group friendly and appropriate for all ages alike. Topics should have a mutual benefit to the group to cultivate our language skills.


  • This session is able to allow you to participate up to 10 people due to Google+ Hangouts limitations. Please understand its limitation.
  • PLEASE check the schedule and the time zone CAREFULLY, because the time for this event shall show only the time in Japan’s time zone. Understand that time zones will differentiate depending on your location. If you have any questions, please post them on this event page. We understand they can be confusing.
  • FaceExchange will accept 5 Japanese speakers and 5 English speakers in the start of each session.

We are very excited to meet you all!

Organizer: Ham

Attendees List (11/ 10)


Justin Nguyen Justin Nguyen (English)


I'm looking forward to this!

Clara Faile Clara Faile (English)

I'm excited!

dyna san dyna san (English)

I want to join! :D Looking forward to it!

mynameishugh1 mynameishugh1 (English)



Kevin Yshii Kevin Yshii (English)


Kenny Garcia Kenny Garcia (English)


grant poston grant poston (English)

Okie dokie

Luis Gracia Luis Gracia (English)

Loving this new format!